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Apple Dev Access Denied

access-deniedWell, it’s been some what of an exciting day today for WWDC, new MacBook Pros announced, Snow Leaopard, iPhone 3.0, and oh yeah, a new iPhone 3GS.

As a developer, we get first access to the iPhone 3.0 SDK and GM release, but since there are so many developers trying to download the software and check out what is new, we have been getting the Access Denied from the Apple Developers web site. Oh well, I guess this happens every time something new comes out. I guess I’ll just have to keep clicking refresh and logging in to see when we’ll truly get access to the new software.

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Death to The CUBES

thecubesLast Christmas I received four different character sets from The Cubes. These characters are action figures for corporate life and how I spend 8+ hours of my day at work. These toys have been sitting at my desk for about 4+ months and there has only been minor changes to their original scene setup. A few people have played with them and one of the characters is loosing a hand, but other then that, no major issues.

When I came into work today, I noticed a scene of horror. All the cube characters were murdered. I think some one is feeling the pressures of project dead lines (This is what happens when Elliott plays with toys).

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