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Death to Cal Theta

Well, I got an email this morning stating that I need to move all my web sites to another web hosting service. See below:

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Kindra’s Birthday Brew

Kindra BrewIt’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy at work and a playing on the weekends. I just completed another beer label for the last brew we made a Brew It Up. It’s called Kindra’s Birthday Brew and yet, it’s an Oatmeal Stout, my favorite. And yes, we celebrated Kindra’s birthday. This label was a little different because Dusty was not the center of attention, but I still was able to place here mug on the label.

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What a Weekend!!!

The ole lady went to Lost Wages this weekend for her bachelorette party and I was left at home, all alone. While Jenn was out partying with the fab-four and some other friends, I took full advantage of getting out of the house and did some partying of my own. It started on Thursday and was three nights of drunkiness.

Brew It UpThursday: Immediately after work, I picked up Myers and we met the brothers at Brew It Up in downtown Sac. It seems like I was just there less than a week ago. Oh yes, I remember now. I was there last week bottling my last batch of brew on Friday, just 6 days earlier. Time to start a new brew. Anyway, we decided on concocting a brew called Ladder #2, which is a lager with a smooth rich flavor. All the gents in our party were Pike brothers. Karlos, RT, Huber, Sample, Hess, and of course Myers all showed up. Lovelace was a no-show (what happened?). For our labels, we’ll end up making some Theta Tau 25 Year Reunion labels. I plan on donating one of the cases as a raffle for the reunion party… To bad I can’t make it to the event, I’ll me on my honeymoon cruise.

We did a full mash, which took about 3+ hours, so we ran through quite a few glasses of beer. I had 2 Oatmeal Stouts, 1 Smoked Porter, and 3 Ladder #2′s. I ordered a round of Kamikazes, but I have to say that the real bartender must have been on break or something because they tasted like squirt. Oh yea, cheers to Amanda, our waitress. She was going to Vegas the next day and had a few drinks with us. To add to the mix, we had a party of asain persuasion ladies next to us and they had some hotties in their party too. Definitely nice eye candy. Katie, Abby, and Ashley showed up to hang. More eye candy…

Tokyo Fro'sFriday: After work, Myers and I went over to Tokyo Fro’s for some good ole sashimi and sushi rolls. This was the first time for me going to Tokyo Fro’s, but I’m no stranger to sushi. Earlier that day, I went to Taiko Sushi in Folsom with Dahlinger and Kelly (from work). Dahlinger and I usually go at least once a week, maybe even twice a week. Anyway, Tokyo Fro’s was poppin’ and rockin’, just like they advertise. Most of the waitresses were rockin’ too, if you know what I mean…

After we had our fill of Albacore and Sake, Myers and I headed over to Sample’s and Huber’s pad and waited for the rest of the posse to gather. Once Eli got up from his beauty sleep and Abby arrived, we all headed out to Country Club lanes. Dusty and Megan met us at the bar and then we were ready to bowl. I haven’t bowled in a few years and it definitely showed. No worries though, I got my game back after I had a few Sierra Nevada’s. Huber pulled away with the “W” for the night, but the true battle was between Abby and I. It was a neck and neck battle for about 6 sets, but she finally took home the honor of beating me by one point, 114 to 113. I’m just glad I broke 100.

SashimiSaturday: The entire day on Saturday I did absolutely nothing. I haven’t done that in a long time. I finally was able to watch King Kong all the way through and I also watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Kong was okay, but Memoirs was the better of the two. Anyway, I met Myers at his crib and I brought along some Oatmeal Stout and Nutty Brown Ale that I brewed up from the previous two times I was at Brew It Up. We downed two bottles and met Sample, Huber, Abby, and Sarah at Mikuni’s downtown for some sushi. There was an hour and a half wait, so we posted up at the bar and had a Red Bull and Vodka and then a few beers. Myers was admiring the eye candy by the bar, not to say that I wasn’t. We were seated and Sample and Huber had to do some Saki Bombs. Myers and I just drank our Saki shots straight. We had a salmon and albacore sashimi plate, bbq albacore, rainbow trout and peppers, and three other rolls. The albacore sashimi and rainbow trout were the bomb…

Riding the ElephantOnce we finished dinner, Sarah had to leave, but we met up with Karlos and Katie at the 2 Grand Saloon in Old Sac. There was no cover charge, which was kewl. The DJ was mixing it up with beats from the past, earily nineties and the some current stuff. Ashley met us at the bar and we had a few shots and drinks to go around. I don’t think I’ve drank more Budweiser in one night, since I was in college. We drank some more and danced. Karlos was taking pictures (I think with Abby’s camera), so they have evidence of me getting wicked on the dance floor. They’ll have to send me the pictures so I can post them. We left the club and the girls wanted to take a picture of them riding the Elephant (see picture to the right). Socal’s Tavern was our next stop. We played some shuffle board and Ashley and I wamped on Karlos and Myers. Well, Ashley was the true hero. She scored the winning points to defeat Myers in the final round. Way to go girl (my Ashley Simpson)…

All in all, the weekend was a blast. I think I burnt about $300+ this weekend. I have nothing to show for it, but some great memories and a stupid shirt. Oh wait, I didn’t even get a shirt. Either way, it was all worth it.

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Technology Pimp aka PimpStar

I have to admit, I love the next new technology gizmos and gadgets that come out each week, but these PimpStar rims are just too kewl for words… You have to watch the advertisement about them.


I would never get caught riding around town with these on my wipe, but I have to say that they are pretty pimp-o-lishous. If I was still in the a game and on the market, these rims would definitely support the cause. I just want to give a shot-out to Ray-Ray and my cousin Earl, back in the projects… WESTSIDE!!!

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