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We Got Our Tickets

We got our tickets!!!I purchased Jenn’s and my tickets for the West Coast Brew Festival this morning. One ticket for me, I’ll be the taster, and one ticket for Jenn, she’ll be the designated driver. If you plan on going, you better purchase your ticket(s) ASAP, else you will be sitting in a long line while Jenn and I will be inside drinking all the beer. Below is a list of current breweries that will be attending:

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Another Dusty Brew

Dusty Brew Label #4Three weeks ago, some friends from work and I all went down to Brew It Up in downtown Sacramento and brewed up a batch of beer. We created a Nutty Brown beer this time. This has been the fourth batch I’ve brewed in the last 6 months. The other times we swiped up some Oatmeal Stout, Irish Amber, and a Scotch Ale; all were scrum-diddly-o-shush. I’m not sure what it is about brewing beer, but it’s been a blast and I’ve been having fun. I’m actually going to start another batch next Thursday with some Pike brothers. This will of course be my fifth batch. Anyway, each time we go, I end up creating a label for our brew. I’ve started a theme, which all center around my dog. The picture to the left is the last one I created. You should check out the other labels I created in my photo gallery section. I do have to give a shot out to Chuck for creating the iRish Amber label. No one liked the one I created… Hehehe… Well, I’ll be bottling our previous batch of brew tomorrow (friday). I’ll drink a few extras for everyone that can’t make it. Hey, Brew It Up’s policy is that they will guarantee me that we will go home with 72 full 22oz bottles. If we sample a little too much and don’t fill all the bottles, we get to replace the empties with off the shelf bottles. So maybe I’ll drink a little more than a few and a few more than a little.

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Kumar Lewis – Live Strong in Peace

Kumar Lewis (4/1/75 -3/16/06)Kumar, what can I say? You have always been an inspiring person. I remember the days hanging out at Brookhaven and playing soccer. You taught me a few moves on the field. We played for many years on traveling teams together and I learned a lot from you. We used to play Nintendo for hours and skate up and down Covert Lane. You have always been a true friend. Iíll miss the times we spent together. We have not seen each other in many years, but I know you have continued your up-beat personality. Thank you for being one of the go-getters and being a positive person in this crazy world. My heart goes out to your family. Kumar, thank you for being an inspiration to me and everyone that you have touched.

Kumar Lewis - RIP

www.KumarLewis.comEvents Regarding Kumar’s Death

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West Coast Brew Fest Tickets On Sale!

Sierra NevadaLast year was a blast and it sounds like this year will be no different. The price went up to $25 this year, compared to $20 last year. No worries, I’m still buying my ticket. Lovelace and I went last year and meet up with some friends. Of course there is good beer, but there is also good food, and tons of people to hang out with. I forgot my camera last year, but not this year.

Below is an email that was sent to me from the group that organizes the event:

Friends and Beer Lovers! Your wait is over! The best event of the year is here! Well… almost…The West Coast Brew Fest is back for its 7th Year and it will be greater than ever! Its coming May 20, 2006 and returning to Miller Park right along the Sacramento River. Festivities start at 1:00 pm and go until the beer runs out or 5:00 pm whichever comes first!And, just like last year… it WILL SELL OUT!

Last year we had over 3000 attendees, over 40 beer vendors and a whole lot of fun! This year we expect over 50 different beer vendors and over 100 microbrews! And we are still limited to 3000 people. That means more beer for each of you!

Over the next few weeks we will let you know about the bands, the food and everything else that will be there, but all that really matters is the BEER!

Tickets go on sale on our website ( tomorrow, March 18, at 8:00 am sharp! They WILL SELL OUT, so buy them early!

As usual, buying your tickets in advance saves you $5 off the regular price of $30 per person at the event. As an added bonus this year, you can buy designated driver tickets online for $5.

All tickets will be held at will-call for pick up the day of the event.

For those of you who remember how long the lines our, this year we will have FOUR ticket stations on the grass under the trees and it should all go four times as fast!

So get up early and shake off that St Patty’s day hangover and get your tickets to the WEST COAST BREW FEST online at!


Matson Breakey
WCBF Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Don’t forget to order your ticket in advance, the lines are long. I’ll see you all there.

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St. Patrick’s Day, What a Blast!

GuinnessI’m not Irish, but that’s no excuse for not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Okay, it all started about a week or so ago, when the old lady asked me if I wanted to hang out with the fab-four girls on St. Patrick’s weekend. They wanted to go to the Streets of London, downtown Sac, and have a few beers. Of course I said no problem. So, I invited a few friends, Myers, McAdam, You, Huber, and Lovelace. Let me say, it was a blast. I drank way too much Guinness and a few too many Car Bombs. Plus, this was my third straight night at Streets of London. After work on Wednesday I hung out with some friends from work at the Streets of London in Folsom. Thursday, three of the fab-four wanted to get an early start on St. Patrick’s Day, so we hung out at the Streets of London in Sac. I drank too many Brass’ and paid for it the next day at work. Then, of course on St. Patrick’s Day, we hung out at the Streets again. It was good to see some old faces and meet some new people. It was good to see some of the active Theta Tau boys, Romance and Chris. I haven’t seen Karlos’ lady, Katie, in a long time. I even got a call from Karlos, who was actually in Indianapolis partying at 3AM. Anyway, enough say. The night was a blast and we need to do this again next year.

Oh yea, the old lady was in prime form, taking pictures of the crew hanging out, so I’ll see if I can post some pictures shortly, if they’re worthy…

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How much bling is too much bling?

Blinging SneakersI’m not even sure what needs to be said here. Is this too much bling, or is there no limit? What we have here is some chromed out “Code M” sneakers from Dada footwear that pump tunes through the included wireless headphones or out of the built-in speakers while you’re busy being that baller you are. They charge via USB, sport built-in controls, and yes, they are actually a pair of shoes, too.

Seriously, what’s not to love? Next up for Dada are more “Code M” devices such as a get-fit program for workout data, get-smart for taking your calls and a whole slew of other devices to keep you in style and feeling great about your 21st Century lifestyle.

Personally, I think these shoe are silly, but they do have a geeky kind of appeal. I’m like most any other guy, and I enjoy any new technology toy. I purchased one of the new iPod videos the day after they were announced. But, there will be one pair of shoes that I won’t be rocking around town.


The InCircle

Pi Kappa AlphaI received an email today from my fraternity’s National Headquarters. They have teamed up with another company named Affinity Engines and have created a site called the Pike InCircle. I’m liking what they have created. It’s basically a MySpace for Pike Brothers. My girlfriend is a MySpace junky, something that I will never be. I’m sure Affinity Engines has a pre-scripted engine that they can modify/customize for other groups or organizations (that’s how they make money). Either way, I’m amazed at how nice the interface is and the different features of the site. Besides storing your personal information and uploading a profile picture, users can create photo albums to share with friends, create groups, contact other users, invite friends (add friends), create blogs, and add their RSS feeds as their blog (that’s what I’m doing). Anyway, if you’re a Pike, check it out and add me as a friend.

“Once a Pike, Always a Pike”†

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First Blog

WordPressWell, I’ve been playing around with WordPress for a few days now and have been quite amazed with the programming and features that it has. Personally, I am mostly amazed by the Rich Text Editor that is used to create posts. WordPress actually uses an open source javascript based editor called TinyMCE. Anyway, enough with the first blog. I need to get back to work and play around with these neat little features.

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