iPhone, it’s pretty kewl…

The Cube - On iPhoneYep, the count down came to zero and I waited in line for an hour and a half to finally purchase a 8GB iPhone. After driving a 30 minute drive home, I spent the next 6 hours playing and configuring until I couldn’t stay awake anymore. This thing is pretty kewl. The phone quality is pretty good, all the functionality of a normal phone are easy to use. One down fall is that I have not found a way to set one of my songs as a ring tone. I can only use the default ringers, which I personally dislike. The WiFi is kewl and using Safari is great. I’ve noticed that when playing some QuickTime movies from Apple.com, the browser will crash and send me back to the main menu. That kind of sucks… The iPod portion of the gadget it the same, duh, it plays music.

Anyway, I’m going to go play some more. And to explain the picture. One of my colleagues wrote a nice little rant about the Apple employees getting a free iPod (life long the Cubelodyte). I kind of feel the same way, but oh well, I’m not an Apple employ anymore, but I still enjoy the toys they create.

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