6+ weeks for a Rejection because App Store Rating

no-rating-12Okay, now I’m more than a little frustrated with Apple. I submitted Hi Jinx Pro and Lite (v2.0.1) over 6+ weeks ago. This version was a bug fix version that corrected a crashing issue and also addressed some other minor user experience items. Remember, I submitted these two apps on the same day, even within the same hour. It took 5 weeks to get Hi Jinx Lite approved, but no word about the Pro version. Usually, when I submit these apps, they both get rejected or approved within a day or two of each other. Today I received the dreaded rejection letter. This one doesn’t make since to me, because the app was already approved and the rating and description was not updated. The app was rejected because the App Store rating level¬† was too low (I assume). The rejection letter reads as follows:

Follow-up:  48911984

Dear Mr. Morris,

Thank you for submitting Hi Jinx Pro to the App Store. We’ve reviewed Hi Jinx Pro and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store at this time because it is not appropriately rated. Our review indicates that the application content is not consistent with the current rating because it contains alcohol use or references.

Please visit iTunes Connect to resubmit your binary and rate your application appropriately.


iPhone Developer Program

I’m just stupefied!

You have to be kidding me! 6 weeks to reject an app because Apple think “it is not appropriately rated”. This almost makes me want to stop the two new iPhone projects I’m working on and start coding for Android. Just freaking change the rating to the correct level and freaking approve the app. Personally, I feel if Apple wants to put an App rating, the App Store reviewer should create the rating and set it, not the developer.

rating-17I guess the main issue I have with this rejection is that this app was already approved at the current rating I submitted last time, 12+. Plus, the Hi Jinx Lite app was approved with the same rating, 12+. This is the second time Apple has approved one of the Hi Jinx apps and rejected the other, when they both have the same functionality. I know the solution is to change the rating to 17+, which I already have. But the thing that sucks is I have to resubmit the app and then wait another 6+ weeks to get another email, hopefully an approval letter. I’m just another frustrated developer hanging on the whim of Apple almighty hand of rejection.

Hi Jinx Pro was resubmitted Aug 31st, 2009. The wait game clock has been reset. Let’s spin the wheel and see how many weeks it taked to get another letter.

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