Managed has been Managed…

Web hosting companies really suck sometimes. Managed has just screwed me up the butt really hard this week. I have about 15 sites that all down because blows goats and can’t migrate worth shit…

When I worked for EarthLink, shit would be hitting the fan if customer’s site were down for more than 4 hours. Hell, my sites have been down for 5 days how… What a joke…

I’m glad a started a new account with DreamHost. Hopefully they will not fuck me like Managed is…

Below is what has to say:

Managed Migration Update

Managed Migration May, 9 2006.

Dear Migrated Customers, As you already know, your machines have been migrated from CA to a state of the art datacenter in NJ. As of tonight we are 90% done with bringing all of the servers online connected to our redundant gigabit network. We know many of you are wondering about your machines which are still not back online; please rest assured, we are in possession of your original HD and ALL of your data is safe. We plan within the next 24 hours to have ALL managed customers online in NJ on faster redundant hardware, as well as network. We understand that there has been mass confusion over the past and we greatly apologize; however, once all machines are online your customer support will resume as normal and you will not be experiencing long wait times for reboots, nor unanswered emails or tickets. Please begin contacting our support team so they can create you a trouble ticket login on our system. Please include your First/Last Name, Server IP, and email address inside of the request so we can promptly create your login. If your machine has already come back online, you need not concern yourself with this email.

Managed Migration May, 5 2006.

As you already know, is being migrated to a new and better datacenter. All of the clients are migrated to new and better hardware. We are switching your existing servers to State of the art SuperMicro Servers that have better and faster performance. The new datacenter will have better Network; you will have our state of the art Trouble ticket system and advanced port monitoring systems.

During the migration you may experience downtime, due to the migration to new hardware. We apologize for any downtime that you are having. Our Techs are working round the clock to migra t e your server to new hardware and confirm that the server is up and running perfectly. Please bear with us during the migration period.

After the migration you will receive an email with new trouble ticket system access. New ticket system provides better and faster response so all of your issues will be solved on the fly.

If you have any questions, please email that our support team can assist you and create you trouble ticket login.

Thank you


Can you just see the BS and feel the ass pounding now…

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