Death to Cal Theta

Well, I got an email this morning stating that I need to move all my web sites to another web hosting service. See below:

Hello everyone,

After giving it much thought over the past couple months, I have decided that I can no longer afford the time, effort, and money in keeping a web hosting operation going. It has never been a profitable enterprise, and will never be. I cannot afford any longer to be subsidizing free hosting for most of the people on this server, and I don’t have the time to provide what I believe to be proper support to those customers who do pay on time.

I will keep the server operating until the end of the May. This should provide you with enough time to copy/move your files, and to change the DNS servers with your domain name provider.

As far as alternate providers go, I recommend Dreamhost, and will be using them myself. I setup a promotional code with them so you will get $50 knocked off your first bill (if I set it up right. . .). Just use the promtional code “caltheta” (without the quotes) when you sign up with them. Basically it pays for the setup fee.

I’ll try to answer questions you have about this, but I cannot do much to help you move your data or setup elsewhere, as I simply do not have the time.

Best of luck,
- Brandon

So my next decision is “do I want my own dedicated server or just piggy-back off of some other web hosting service?” The search starts today and will definitely conclude before the end of May. Wish me luck…

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