About Morris

Golf BallLife is like a golf swing. You never know where the ball is going to land (or if you’re even going to hit the ball), unless you take a swing at it and practice until you can’t practice no more. As you can probably already tell, I enjoy the game of golf. Golf for me is a way to escape the every day grind of the hustle and bustle. So if you’re game, let’s go swing the clubs.

A Day in the Life

My DMV PhotoBy trade, I’m a Java Engineer for a large Education company. It’s a great career and I enjoy working with my co-workers, so going to work is like hanging at a friends house to talk techie stuff all day (most of the time). From time-to-time I work on freelance contracts to develop web sites. In my free time, I enjoy developing iPhone applications or swinging the clubs on the golf course. I have two apps out currently (Hi Jinx Pro and Hi Jinx Lite) and I’m working on two others, a Twitter client and a golf scorecard (a port of iGolfScorecard.com). I have a right hand woman, my wife. We got married in 2006 (on a cruise to Hawaii) and we have one child, a fur child, aka Dusty. If we are not in California working or hanging with friends, we’ll be cruising around the world. We’ve been on 7 cruises so far and usually cruise once a year.

The College Years

Sac State LogoCollege for me was similar to the movie ‘Animal House‘. Yep, I’m a frat-boy and proud of it. It took me 12 years to graduate with a 4 year degree. One thing that people can’t call me is a ‘quitter’. I climbed myself out of every hole I dug. One thing the fraternity taught me was to never give up, and that I didn’t. I received a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Sciences, an Associates of Science in Computer Science and a program certificate in American Sign Language and Web Design. I’m thinking of going back to school to work on a master’s degree, but I just haven’t gotten the nerve to commit myself to it.

My Hometown

Everyone has a place they call their hometown, mine is Sebastopol. Apple PieI spent pretty much my entire childhood in Sebastopol and enjoyed the small town people and community it produced. I still have friends that live there, but it’s been a few years since I have visited. Maybe I’ll visit the next time the Gravenstein Apple Fair is in town. Most everyone I grew up with in Sebastopol, wanted to move away. I never really wanted to move, but ended up moving because of school and convenience. I miss the small town atmosphere of Sebastopol though.